Soligent Announces Partnership with Solaria to Deliver Quality High Efficiency Modules to Nationwide 5,000 Solar Installer Network 

11 Jul 2017

Solaria Corporation, global provider of solar module technologies, today announced that its Solaria PowerXT® residential solar modules are now being distributed by Soligent, the largest pure play solar distributor in the Americas, headquartered in Petaluma, California. Solaria’s high-efficiency PowerXT 330Wp residential module is one of the industry’s most bankable solar products.
The PowerXT module line offers homeowners and businesses a 20% higher energy yield over conventional modules. Thanks to a patented cell cutting and module assembly process, Solaria PowerXT solar modules provide high power with a sleek design. The 330W panels mean labor savings on racking and system components over other lower wattage modules. With Solaria expanding its PowerXT solar cell and module manufacturing line at its headquarters in Fremont, California, it will provide U.S. installers with a top offering of products.
“Soligent is proud to partner with Solaria to make PowerXT available across the country. Soligent, with its 38 years of solar expertise, is excited to introduce Solaria’s high quality, beautifully engineered PV modules to our customers," said Soligent President Thomas Enzendorfer.  Soligent CEO Jon Doochin said “Solaria’s PowerXT accelerates payback period and installer profits, giving our installers a competitive edge. When coupled with Soligent’s distribution capability, Solar Engine financing, system designs, and our Soligent Elite loyalty program, Soligent is equipping its installers with more tools to succeed than ever before.”
“We’re thrilled to have Soligent as a key strategic Solaria PowerXT distribution partner,” said Solaria CEO Suvi Sharma. “Teaming with Soligent, we’ll be accelerating the deployment of Solaria’s aesthetic, high-efficiency PowerXT modules.  At Solaria, we share Soligent’s deep commitment to delivering innovative, quality products.  The increasingly rapid adoption of solar in the U.S. underscores that homeowners and businesses are keen to transform their properties into on-site power plants – and want to do that with cost-effective and attractive solar modules.  PowerXT delivers tremendous value to installers and their customers – empowering them to reduce system costs while realizing peak performance and profitability.  We’re thrilled to be working with visionary distributors like Soligent to deliver the absolute best value, empowering customers to realize the myriad benefits of high efficiency, high quality solar technology.”
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