Power distribution in confined spaces

10 Jul 2017

The new Rittal RiLine Compact is designed for control units requiring a maximum current of 125A. Despite its size, the busbar system distributes power effectively and reliably, in compliance with all applicable standards. The technology is a solution for small switchgear and controllers, and for direct integration into plant and equipment. RiLine Compact comprises a board with busbars entirely enclosed in covers which safeguard against unintentional contact. A connection can be easily established anywhere along the length of a busbar via a series of access apertures (called the pitch pattern) in the board. Switchgear and control units can be simply plugged in using a variety of adaptors. In addition, an adapter for connection to round conductors is available, as well as a variety of functional modules for motor and power control.

One of RiLine Compact’s primary strengths is that it can be rapidly configured, assembled and installed. The main board and diverse components can be securely mounted without the need for tools. Because the entire system is shielded by covers, users are protected against live parts. This enhances safety for operators and for the system as a whole. Furthermore, it saves time and cuts costs.

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Volume: 2017 July/August