Data acquisition products

10 Jul 2017

Campbell Scientific is releasing the CR300-series measurement and control dataloggers. The CR300 datalogger has rich CRBasic command set and serial communication capabilities, and an onboard compiler for larger, more complex programs. The CR310 has the same capabilities of the CR300 datalogger, but includes removable connectors and an integrated 10/100 Ethernet connection. The CR310 also includes an integrated Ethernet interface, making it a solution for applications requiring internet-connected remote monitoring and control. Simple connection to external wireless devices enables remote communication with satellite, cellular, and licensed radios. The CR310 is also available with optional integrated WIFI and license-free radios for wireless networking. Providing complete compatibility with a variety of measurement and communication protocols, the CR310 supports TCP/IP, Modbus, DNP3, SDI-12, HTTP, FTP, and Email. The CR300 series dataloggers are the same size as earlier compact Campbell Scientific dataloggers, so they can be drop-in replacements. They are also the first Campbell dataloggers that can measure 4 to 20 mA sensors natively. They have a 24-bit analog to digital converter, a high-speed processor, and a micro-USB port. For communication, the CR300 has full PakBus capability, and plenty of non-volatile flash memory for storage. The CR300 series dataloggers are programmed with Campbell Scientific’s LoggerNet software, which includes a point-and-click program generator, and a network planner for graphical layout of devices.

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Volume: 2017 July/August