Tensionless pier foundations

10 Jul 2017

Terracon has taken on the role as engineer of record for the Patrick & Henderson (P&H) tensionless pier foundation. This foundation option offers significant economic advantages for wind project developers and contractors who build wind farms. As the wind market is moving towards larger and heavier wind turbine generators (WTG), taller towers, and longer rotor blades, the more traditional foundations are required to be larger. Consequently, substantially more steel and concrete is needed. The P&H foundation is a design alternative which requires a fraction of the materials. The design also includes benefits of risk reduction relative to foundation fatigue, seismic hazards, and threats related to scour and erosion. Terracon provides turnkey foundation design through a strategic teaming partnership which includes the original patent holder, critical material suppliers, and QA/QC experts.

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Volume: 2017 July/August