Intelligent vibration monitoring system

10 Jul 2017

Wölfel Wind Systems’ SHM.Tower detects the tower vibrations with sensors and documents extreme loads and fatigue loads as well as the lifetime consumption, for up to two months even without power supply. SHM.Tower is easy to retrofit, so a lifetime assessment is possible at the end of the operating period of the wind turbine. SHM.Tower provides analysis of vibration velocities and accelerations according to ISO 1081621/VDI 3834 for the assessment of tower and nacelle vibrations; determination of average / maximum vibration velocities, vibration accelerations, and deformations: classification according to operating conditions, frequency of events when thresholds are exceeded according to ISO 1081621; overviews of occurring vibration levels and the related lifetime consumption (annual / monthly / daily curves); lifetime calculation by means of fatigue limit; classification of loads according to operating conditions (configurable); individual lifetime assessment for each tower segment and for flanges; connection to the Wölfel monitoring portal MIC.Wind for the presentation of results.

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Volume: 2017 July/August