Performance enhancement for utility-scale wind turbines

10 Jul 2017

EdgeWind offers conformal vortex generator tape and lift enhancing tabs for wind turbine blades. These provide erosion protection with no efficiency loss and can be installed quickly via rope or aerial lift. Edge Wind has worked with the U.S. National Renewable Energy Laboratory to collect data over an eleven month period on the performance of the CVG and Tab relative to industry standard edge protection tape on the 600 KW CART 2 wind turbine in Golden, Colorado. NREL reported a 122.2% increase in KWH production from the CVG and the Tab relative to a conventional leading edge taped blade. This shifts the power curve between the cut-in and full production wind speeds. These are preliminary figures on an old turbine at a marginal wind. EdgeWind will have more firm data after field trials on operating wind farms in several months as several large wind operators have approached EdgeWind for field trials at their sites. Further info on these field trials will be made available following 30-60 days of testing. EdgeWind’s technology will allow operators to significantly increase their wind farm production and ROI without adding turbines or capital investment. 

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Volume: 2017 July/August