Modular, competitive wind turbines

10 Jul 2017

Senvion’s 3.6M140 is a power upgrade of the 3.4M140 that is already available in North America. It is suitable for sites with medium wind speeds and for pad constrained projects. It will also allow for additional power output in areas with low wind speeds. While the 3.6M140 is a solution for the kind of terrains in the US Northeast and around the Great Lakes region, Senvion’s two-megawatt class turbines will be highly suitable for projects in Texas, Oklahoma, the Great Plains, and the Canadian Prairies, for example. The 3.6M140 with its optimized aeroacoustics and serration equipped blades offers a maximum sound level of 104.0 dB(A) in all operating modes. Its low sound characteristics make it a fit for areas where permitting is challenging. The 3.6M140 will be available for hub heights from 262ft to 525ft (80m to 160m). 

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Volume: 2017 July/August