Rescue and rapid evacuation device

10 Jul 2017

In wind energy, the Milan has established itself as a standard device for rescuing injured people or for the rapid evacuation of several people. Centrifugally controlled brakes prevent free fall and allow safe, hands-free abseiling at a constant speed. Two users can be rescued from great heights at the same time using the Milan; the abseil distance can be up to 1640ft (500m). An additional benefit is that the Milan can be stored in a sealed box on site so it is close at hand in an emergency. The Seal Pac has an operating time of ten years and makes it easy to carry out the compulsory annual check. With the Double Seal Pac, SKYLOTEC has also responded to the trend for more and more people working simultaneously on increasingly large-scale wind turbines. This pack ensures that two rescue devices are available at the same time from a sealed box.



Volume: 2017 July/August