Green energy storage batteries

10 Jul 2017

iDemand Energy Storage (iDES3) has developed a single conversion charge controller that will shorten the time needed for electrical current to travel from solar panels to storage batteries, and in so doing, save energy. Under development for nearly a year and a half, the new charge controller, which eliminates AC loss, is best suited for large scale commercial and industrial operations that use a vast amount of electricity. iDemand’s battery lineup includes the 9-36kWh Echo Indoor series suitable for most residential needs, the 9-72kWh Echo Outdoor, and 36-108kWh Indoor/Outdoor Alpha. Commercial systems include the 36-108kWh Indoor/Outdoor Alpha, and the Mega, the smallest of which comes in at 500kWh, and can be customized in 108kWh increments. They are all comprised of fifth-generation lithium iron phosphate, LiFePO4, prismatic cell technology, which is safe and will not self-ignite.

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Volume: 2017 July/August