Integrated design-to-automation tool

10 Jul 2017

Geli ESyst is a free web-based design tool to aid project developers in right-sizing and selecting energy storage and solar-plus-storage systems for commercial and industrial facilities. With ESyst, users can analyze sites and generate project proposals using: 75+ different hardware solution combinations from leading suppliers such as Dynapower, Ideal Power, LG Chem, and many more; 10,000+ commercial & industrial tariffs in 1,300 U.S. utility territories; and Geli demand charge management & ITC-compliant solar PV management energy applications. Designing systems in ESyst is the first step to deploying advanced energy storage and solar-plus-storage systems with the Geli Energy Operating System (EOS). ESyst is an onramp to the Internet of Energy, an intelligent network of distributed assets, the foundation of which is built with energy storage.

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Volume: 2017 July/August