Low loss thin-film metal inductors

10 Jul 2017

TDK Corporation presents the new TFM160808ALC thin-film inductor for power supply circuits, which features a maximum DC resistance of 62 mΩ that is 30% lower than for existing types (e.g. TFM160808ALM, 0.47 μH). The new type, whose compact dimensions are just 1.6mm x 0.8mm x 0.8mm, also offers a high rated current of 2.6A and an inductance of 0.47 μH. In addition, due to its metal core, the thin-film inductor features lower losses. As a result, the component has a high efficiency over a broad output current range of 10mA to 2.5A and can improve the efficiency of DC-DC converter power supplies by nearly 1%. 

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Volume: 2017 July/August