Axis controller

10 Jul 2017

The Rexroth 1-axis motion control simplifies automation processes through open interfaces to Ethernet based real-time protocols SERCOS III, EtherCAT, and VARAN, as well as integrated hydraulic controllers. It includes software, pressure sensors, and a valve platform of NG 10. Controllers for position, pQ, pressure, differential pressure, and volume flow speed up the realization of hydraulic functions. For axis control, the decentralized electronics unit evaluates the readings from up to two analog sensors and an absolute position measuring system SSI; the ability to process both digital and analog signals increases the control’s flexibility. Cabinet-free installation significantly reduces the amount of cabling work. For design, start-up, parameter setting, and diagnosis, Rexroth offers the IndraWorks engineering environment. It provides consistent software tools and a homogenous structure, thereby simplifying the overall engineering process across all drive and control technologies.

Bosch Rexroth | 


Volume: 2017 July/August