North Carolina Senate Amends Bill to Include Wind Moratorium

30 Jun 2017

Wind energy is under attack in North Carolina.  A four-year moratorium on wind energy has been proposed via HB589 that will stop two projects that have been in development since 2014. The moratorium is being proposed under the guise of military protection. Please call or email the following Senators and ask them to oppose HB589 for the following reasons.

1) This is not an "us vs. them" issue - the wind energy industry works as partners with military installations and the surrounding communities on a regular basis.  For instance Fort Hood in Texas recently announced the Army's largest renewable energy project with Apex Clean Energy. The project relies on over 50 MW of wind energy and will supply the base with about half of its energy demand.

2) The state already has one of the most restrictive permitting processes in the country that gives the state the ability to deny a permit for almost any reason related to military inference.

3) The current language in HB589 tramples of private property rights by denying landowners, who already have leases in place, significant value for use of their land.

Please contact the following Senators by phone or email:
Sen. Ben Clark -  (919) 733-9349 
Sen. Don Davis -  (919) 715-8363
Sen. Rick Horner - (919) 715-3030 
Sen. Deanna Ballard - (919) 733-5742
Sen. Wesley Meredith -  (919) 733-5776