Maui Company Develops Residential, Commercial Energy Storage Systems

19 Jun 2017

Maui-based HiVE Energy Systems has developed a fully integrated energy storage system for commercial and residential use.

The residential storage system is designed to store one full day of energy needs, the company said in a statement. Combined with a rooftop photovoltaic system, the system enables customers to eliminate the resident's monthly utility bills. HiVE recently installed its first residential system on Maui after it received the approval of Hawaii's utilities.

“HiVE’s battery storage systems are the ideal solution for any off-grid or grid-tied residential application,” Abbas Akhil, CTO of HiVE, said in a statement.

The storage system does not require solar energy; it can also be used with wind or any other type of renewable energy source.

HiVE also installed its first commercial battery storage system on Maui. The 500-kilowatt-hour unit could, in combination with a 140-kilowatt PV system, deliver energy free of natural fluctuations that occur during the day or after sunset, the company said.

The company was selected to advance to the final round of the VERGE Hawaii Accelerate fastpitch showcase, where will make a main stage presentation during to VERGE Hawaii 2017: Asia Pacific Clean Energy Summit at Honolulu’s Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort on Tuesday.

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