LiveData Utilities Appoints Chris DiTrani Principal Solutions Architect

16 Jun 2017

LiveData Utilities, Inc., a provider of smart grid integration solutions for the utilities industry, announced the addition of Chis DiTrani as Principal Solutions Architect. LiveData Utilities real-time dataflow engines are the trusted choice for hundreds of utilities across the world. DiTrani will be working with the company’s customers to solve complex integration challenges utilities face as they integrate an ever-increasing system of systems represented by distributed energy resources, such as microgrids and renewables.

Electric power generation and distribution companies use LiveData Utilities Real-Time Integration™ (RTI) Server as the platform for establishing bi-directional communication and interoperability throughout Smart Grid operational technology networks. RTI Server is a OT-centric real-time data flow engine that can handle massive amounts of data – supporting embedded logic, monitoring, control, and reporting capabilities. LiveData Utilities Operational Technology Message Bus (OTMB) software architectural pattern integrates Operational Technology systems, IT systems, Distributed Energy Resources, and traditional grid systems in a secure, scalable and low cost of ownership environment.

“Bringing Chris aboard will allow us to better serve our customer and engage in more complex integrations for new projects and serving existing customers,” said Brad Harkavy, General Manager of LiveData Utilities. “His proven track record will help us anticipate customer demands, and keep our level service at the high level that customers have come to expect.”

Formerly the Director of Engineering at LiveData Healthcare, DiTrani rounds-out the Professional Services team at LiveData Utilities. Prior to joining LiveData Healthcare to lead the engineering, implementation, and product support teams, DiTrani held development and management positions at several startup technology companies in the Boston area, including Cambridge Signal Technologies and Microsystems Software.

RTI is the on-ramp to real-time analytics solutions across the utility industry. By employing RTI Server and OTMB, utilities are able to integrate IIoT technology alongside legacy devices – natively supporting modern and legacy protocols. DiTrani will work to improve upon existing capabilities while enriching offerings based on customer requirements and feedback.

With a secure architecture that meets NERC CIP requirements, LiveData Utilities RTI Server platform provides a flexible framework that is easily scaled to integrate and accommodate diverse data types, protocols, and data standards. For example, it provides the Integration mechanisms for disparate Operational Technology systems including EMS, OMS, DMS, SCADA, MDMS, DERMS and GMS systems.

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