Expanded Partnership between Sun24 and Catholic Church will Bring Solar Lights to Over 160,000 Ugandans

16 Jun 2017

Sun24, a Florida based non-profit, announced an expanded partnership with Caritas Uganda, the social service arm of the Catholic Church, to distribute more than 40,000 low-cost solar lights to poor families.

"Our partnership with Sun24 is easing a great need of the poorest of poor in my country," said Father Michael Mukasa, Caritas Kiyinda Mityana Diocese, Uganda.

Under this expanded partnership, all 22 dioceses in Uganda will receive 2,000 solar lights, free of cost, to distribute to families without electricity.  The Church will sell the lights at a very low price, enabling it to purchase more lights to distribute.  By not buying kerosene, the families will save far more the than the purchase price.

"With its unparalleled infrastructure, the Catholic Church distributes to the poorest of poor in the most remote areas," said Kevin McLean, President of Sun24. "These families have no access to quality solar products."

The small solar light a self-contained unit with an LED light in front, a solar panel on the back, and a battery inside. It is twice a bright as the kerosene lamp it replaces, provides four hours of light per night, and lasts over three years.

"We are transparent in partnering with the Catholic Church," said McLean. "We hope others copy and even improve upon our model."

600 million sub-Saharan Africans lack electricity.  Most use filthy kerosene lamps that are unhealthy (lung disease), dangerous (fires) and expensive (for fuel).  Kerosene lamps have an outsized impact on climate change, emitting both carbon dioxide and black carbon. 

"There are no magic bullets that will solve all of our greenhouse gas problems, but replacing kerosene lamps is low-hanging fruit," Kirk R. Smith, renowned environmental scientist.

"In my diocese, few homes have electricity. Kerosene lamps cause many fires and lung disease. Kerosene is expensive. The Sun24 solar lights are a blessing," said Father Emmanuel Tamale, Kiyinda Mityana Diocese in Uganda.

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