Solect Energy Awarded 10.4 MW Solar Services Contract from Greenwood Energy

13 Jun 2017

Solect Energy, Massachusetts’ leading developer and installer of commercial-scale solar energy systems, announced a 10.4 megawatt (MW) solar services relationship with Greenwood Energy, a leading solar in-vestor and developer. Under the agreement, Solect will manage and maintain seven of Greenwood Energy’s solar projects. With this relationship, Solect grows the number of projects under its Solar Service program to 365 sites totaling 75 MW. Solect continues to expand its services footprint beyond its installed base to additional customers seek-ing sophisticated, solar operations and maintenance (O&M) support. 

Solect designed and installed three of these seven projects owned by Greenwood En-ergy. With this deal, Solect will service four additional sites that are not a part of its in-stalled base. The projects are a mix of ground- and roof-mounted arrays, in both rural and urban environments, and are all located in Massachusetts. 

Solect has traditionally managed and maintained the solar arrays it designs and builds. From its inception, Solect has made service a priority to ensure that customers re-ceived the full ROI on their solar investments. In June 2016, the company announced its Solect Service program, making available its services expertise and its comprehen-sive suite of O&M offerings to any commercial-scale, solar installation in the New Eng-land area. 

“We chose Solect because of their extensive experience and comprehensive approach to servicing solar projects,” said Bill Bushnell, Director of Engineering at Greenwood Energy. “Solect’s attention to detail, focus on high-quality customer service and re-sponsiveness ensures that our systems will achieve their maximum performance.” 

Under the terms of the deal, Solect Energy will be responsible for the following O&M services: 

• Solar Production Monitoring and Reporting 

• SREC (Solar Renewable Energy Credit) Management 

• Net Metering Support 

• Scheduled & Corrective Maintenance 

• Vegetation Management 

“We have collaborated on a number of projects with Greenwood Energy, a highly re-spected solar project developer and investor,” said Steve Bianchi, General Manager of Solect Services. “We are delighted to be chosen as their services partner for four addi-tional sites in Massachusetts. Solect’s service offerings are distinguished by substan-tial investments we have made in sophisticated technology, proven processes and in-house talent. Customers are noting the difference, and we are very pleased with both the installed base and out-of-base response to our Solar Service program.” 

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