SmartFlower Blooms in Canada

13 Jun 2017

Europe's award-winning eco alternative to stationary solar panels makes its Canadian debut among the bees... Hydro freedom never looked better.

Spring is in the air, and the first smartflowerTM has now sprung in Canada...

The bees at Meadowlily Farm's Ontario Bee Rescue have a majestic new flower to feast their eyes on... Brightening the pastoral landscape in all its glory, the sleek, intelligent, efficient solar solution could not have made its successful Canadian debut before a more fitting audience.

Among the ducks, the frogs and the precious honey bees that call this land home, Nü-NRG Group CEO Larry Stock and his team introduced Canadians this week to a long-awaited alternative to static solar panel installations.

Permanent, expansive, costly, esthetically unappealing and in continuous need of cleaning to ensure optimal energy collection, stationary photovoltaic panels had, for a long time, provided the most viable solution to skyrocketing hydro costs and depleting energy resources... until now.

smartflower  is portable, plug-&-play, intelligent art-in-motion... Inspired and tested by nature in the Austrian hills, its intuitive system awakens at sunrise, unfolds its 9m photovoltaic petals, and tracks the sun until sunset - collecting 4,200-6,200kWh annually, depending on the geographic location. 

smartflower self-cleans twice or more per day. It generates 40% more solar energy than a comparable rooftop solar installation, and doubles the latter's degree of self-utilisation.

smartflower is all-in-one. Best suited for a net metering application whereby collected unused energy can be put back onto the local grid in exchange for energy credits from the local hydro company to be used at a later date. 

smartflowerTM takes the best of photovoltaic technology, and raises the bar on solar innovation, relegating stationary solar tech to the status of esteemed but antiquated pioneer. 

“We are excited to install smartflower for the first time in Canada,” says Larry Stock, Nu-NRG’s CEO. “Elegantly-designed smartflower is packed with technologies that allow it to simply and efficiently ‘set-up, connect and produce clean electricity.’ Nü-NRG Group is dedicated to making every Canadian home and cottage more independent and green without hassles.”

Built and tested to withstand rain, wind, sleet, hail and snow, smartflower is the recipient of numerous international awards for its design, innovation and sustainability.

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