Aurora Solar Inc. Introduces Unprecedented Commercial Financial Analysis to Solar Design and Sales Platform

12 Jun 2017

Aurora Solar Inc. has added financial analysis to its commercial suite, making it the solar industry's only all-in-one solar design and sales platform for residential and commercial PV systems.


  • Aurora's commercial financial analysis allows installers to compare the returns of any cash, lease, loan, or PPA financing option. 
  • It takes into account demand charges when using Green Button data, allowing companies to get a granular understanding of their electricity bill post-solar.          
  • The analysis allows solar designers to explore the financial return of design tradeoffs, such as calculating the LCOE of single vs dual tilt racking systems or the net present value of different modules. 
  • The algorithms calculate bonus depreciation and depreciation tax shields at federal and state levels. 
  • It incorporates fixed and variable operations & maintenance costs for a comprehensive cost-benefit analysis.

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