WAVE Building Designed by SOMA Wins the 2017 Architizer A+ Awards

19 May 2017

International architecture firm SOMA announced that the Michel Abboud-designed WAVE, a marvel of both contemporary design and ingenious problem solving, is a winner in the Architizer A+ Awards for best mid-rise building.

The winners were announced at the Architizer website on May 12th. The Architizer A+ Awards is the largest architecture awards program that celebrates the year's best architecture, appreciates meaningful architecture in the world, and champions its potential for a positive impact on everyday life.

"I am honored that WAVE has won this award. It is exciting to see my design chosen among so much great talent," said Mr. Abboud. "We wanted to design a responsive parametric building that reacts with the site and the program, and I'm thrilled that our vision resonated with the public jury."

While SOMA is renowned for double skin projects, WAVE wears its second skin out of necessity due to location and exposure: the longer site edge faces south and the shorter one faces west and demands that one extremely important and problematic issue be solved in terms of solar exposure and heat. A unique identity was created through this second layer skin or sunscreen. WAVE not only contrasts starkly against the present buildings awaiting demolition and/or renovation, but also assertively against future, new structures yet to be constructed.

"I am very proud of WAVE and how our concept came to life. The site was challenging because of its corner location, the result a sculptural element that emerges within the site," said Mr. Abboud.

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