Advanced Battery Concepts Builds World Class Technology Advisory Board to Support Commercial Adoption of its GreenSeal Bipolar Battery Technology

17 May 2017

Advanced Battery Concepts is pleased to announce the formation and commencement of its Technology Advisory Board (TAB) which will be chaired by Bob Galyen, a globally recognized battery expert and CTO of Contemporary Amperex Technology Limited (CATL).

The TAB provides technical governance and insight in support of Advanced Battery Concepts' future growth strategies as the company continues to add to its licensee base and extend its technologies into new battery formats, chemistries, and markets.  The board is comprised of eminent leaders in their respected field spanning electric vehicles to grid energy storage.  The TAB will be joined by additional members in the coming months.  The board's current members include:

Bob Galyen, Chairman - CTO CATL

Phil Mott, Member - Senior Technical Fellow Borg Warner

Scott Wilder, Member – Senior Director JABIL

Lori Hutton, Member - Battery Pack Engineer GM, retired

Ed Shaffer, Member – CEO & Founder ABC

Bob Galyen commented, "I became convinced that Advanced Battery Concepts GreenSeal® technology would have a significant impact in the battery industry as soon as I discovered the simplicity and elegance of their battery design and manufacturing processes.  I and my colleagues on the TAB firmly believe that Advanced Battery Concepts' technology will be widely adopted by today's existing markets. 

"In addition to offering competitive solutions for markets such as automotive 12V & 48V, low speed EV, industrial, motive and UPS the TAB is really excited about the ability of this technology to make cost-effective, energy storage at grid scale possible which would deliver exponential incremental battery industry sales growth globally." 

Dr. Ed Shaffer, CEO and Founder of Advanced Battery Concepts commented, "I am honoured that Advanced Battery Concepts has attracted such knowledgeable industry recognized leaders to be a part of our Technology Advisory Board. The TAB's input will help guide our company as we grow and extend our licensee base and technology portfolio."

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