SunGreen Systems Completes Solar Installation for 85°C Bakery

17 May 2017

SunGreen Systems, experts in the design and construction of commercial solar systems and sustainable, smart energy solutions, announced completion of a 325-kW commercial solar system for 85°C Bakery, which operates more than 900 bakery/café locations worldwide. SunGreen Systems installed 1,226 solar PV modules at the 85°C Bakery manufacturing facility in Brea, which produces baked goods for shipment throughout the west, saving the company energy costs and offsetting 896 tons of carbon dioxide each year.

SunGreen Systems was selected for the PV project following a highly competitive bidding process. The project specifications included a number of unique challenges, such as designing the solar installation around a number of roof obstructions, as well as leaving room for the addition of new roof-mounted equipment in the future. The baking facility also had a new roof that had been recently installed so the PV installation had to use very little penetration to preserve the new roof structure. As part of the bidding process. The 85°C Bakery management team toured a number of SunGreen Systems’ Southern California project sites, including Allstate Floral in Cerritos and the YKK U.S.A. installation in Anaheim. After seeing the quality and efficiency of these other installations, 85°C Bakery felt confident that SunGreen Systems could install a commercial solar system that would meet their needs. 

“Working with 85°C Bakery gave us an opportunity to create a customized PV system designed for optimal efficiency and superior returns over time,” said John Hofmann, CEO of SunGreen Systems. “We were able to not only design the right kind of solar installation, but we also partnered with the customer’s building engineers to remove unneeded equipment and even move hardware and ventilation system to maximize available roof space. By working closely with the customer, we were able to install a system that delivers more solar power with room to accommodate future changes.”

The SunGreen Systems design team opted for a ballasted racking system that would minimize roof penetration so as not to violate the roof warranty. The company also worked closely with the roofing contractor to ensure that the warranty remained intact.

In addition to saving the company energy costs, the 85°C Bakery solar installation should offset 26,880 tons of carbon dioxide over the life of the system. That is the equivalent of planting 134,520 trees.

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