Purkeys' BOSS Charging System Keeps Dump Trailers Dumping

12 May 2017

Purkeys' newest development in the field of commercial trucking electronics is the BOSS Dump Trailer Charging System, designed as the answer to uncharged dump trailer batteries, a common issue within fleets with dumping systems.

Tyler Burns, owner of Ground Effects Landscaping, has the BOSS system installed in each of his company vehicles. Burns says that before he installed the BOSS system, dead and uncharged dump trailer batteries cost his business time and money, forcing his drivers to use jumper cables just to complete jobs.

Before his team was equipped with the BOSS, a dump trailer battery might last only months before having to be jumpstarted. 

"One day I was an hour away from anyone on my team when my trailer got stuck in the dump position. I had to knock on the door of my client to ask for a jumper cable," Burns said. "Ever since we got the system, we've never once had to plug our batteries in." 

The BOSS system works by keeping the dump trailer battery connected to the battery of the vehicle. While the engine is turned on, the dump trailer battery is constantly charging, ensuring that it is operational when the driver is ready to use it.

"As long as it has power coming from the truck, we can always dump our trailer," said Burns.

The BOSS connects to a 7-way trailer harness and includes an LED indicator light to quickly show drivers that the system is working properly. By boosting the voltage going into the dump trailer battery, the system is designed to be effective and reliable, keeping batteries charged even in cold weather.

Stuck or slow dump trailers can cause significant time loss and frustration for drivers—issues that Purkeys' BOSS Dump Trailer Charging System works to eliminate.

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