Kenyon International Teams Up with Eversource on Energy-Saving Lighting Improvements

12 May 2017

Kenyon International, Inc. recently partnered with Eversource on energy efficiency improvements at its Clinton site, where it manufacturers ceramic glass cooktops and high-quality stainless steel electric grills.

“Kenyon originally had fluorescent tube lighting, which is not ideal for employees engaged in detailed manufacturing or computer work,” said Eversource Energy Efficiency spokesman Enoch Lenge. “The focus for Kenyon was to upgrade to high-efficiency lighting for their specific manufacturing environment.”

“The lighting in the factory, including the offices, has improved our work environment tremendously,” explained Phil Williams, president, Kenyon International. “We also installed dimmers in the engineering department, which has reduced the strain on employees’ eyes. They can dim the lights to whatever level they need for any given task.”

Mark Ballou of Lantern Energy, an Eversource-authorized contractor, installed the energy-saving measures at Kenyon. “Eversource’s approach is effective because they don’t look at one piece of equipment at a time. They look at the total building and work environment. Plus, they proactively communicate the incentives that make the project affordable.”

Williams noted, “We’re able to take the money saved on energy and invest it back into research and development, so we can make more products. We design and manufacture the products right here in Clinton, which means more job opportunities too.”

With help from Eversource, Kenyon took advantage of Energize Connecticut’s zero-interest financing to make the upfront cost of the project affordable.

“The loan payment is made right on the electric bill, but is offset by the monthly energy savings. While they are paying off the loan, they won’t see a major difference in cost on their monthly bills, yet they have all this new lighting equipment,” said Ballou. “It’s always worth the call to learn about incentives, save money, and utilize zero percent on-bill financing, which is magical for a small business owner.”

Kenyon is expected to see $4,100 in annual savings and continues to evaluate future energy-saving opportunities like switching from oil to natural gas.

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