Trial Site Confirms a New Canadian Technology Can Lead to Greater Community Acceptance for Wind Farms

11 May 2017

Technostrobe is proud to present the initial results of its new solution called LIDSTM (Lighting Intensity Dimming Solution). This new technology, the first of its kind in North America, was installed in Gaspé in December 2015, after obtaining an exemption permit from Transport Canada. 

The data collected reveals that the intensity of the lights can effectively and safely be adjusted to the surrounding visibility present at wind farms. During the trial, the visibility was measured as being greater than 10 km, 83% of the time, thereby allowing the LIDSTM system to dim the lights by 90%. 

These findings show that LIDSTM technology met the expectations set out at the beginning of the trial. Since clear nights and great visibility are the norm, the intensity of the lights is far to bright, most of the time. Adjusting the intensity level of the lights according to the surrounding visibility significantly mitigates the impact of the beacons on local communities. 

Because wind farms have structures that can represent a potential hazard to air navigation, they must be equipped with obstruction lighting. LIDSTM Technology now minimizes the impact on the night sky for local community’s and offers pilots the necessary visual warning so that they can fly safely around the wind farm.

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