Black solar panels

15 May 2017

Panasonic introduces the new Solar Panels HIT; N310k, N315k, and N320k. These panels feature an all black appearance, a 19.1% efficiency, and a low temperature coefficient of -0.26%/°C. HIT Solar Panels are 100% emission free, have no moving parts, and produce no noise. Their unique water drainage means that water is drained off the panel surface, which prevents water accumulation and water stains after drying, even in low-angle installations. The advanced bifacial design generates more electricity from both sides of the cell. Panasonic’s Pyramid cell structure helps absorb more sunlight, and continues to perform at its best quality, even at high temperatures. These modules are supported by a 25-year product workmanship guarantee. Panasonic HIT solar panels’ annual degradation is no more than 0.26% a year. The HIT panels will achieve at least 90.76% of their rated output power after 25 years.

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Volume: 2017 May/June