Stack reference designs

15 May 2017

Mersen has teamed-up with AgileSwitch and FTCAP to develop two high performance 3-phase SiC and IGBT power stack reference designs. The SiC reference demonstrator has been designed using Wolfspeed SiC modules with power density value of 16kW/L for SiC 150kVA heavy-duty Electric Vehicle (EV) inverter, exceeding US Department of Energy (DoE) 2020 roadmap. The IGBT reference demonstrator has been designed in the frame of Infineon Industrial Power Partner Network (IPPN), powered by IGBT5 with .XT technology from Infineon and targeted for Electrical Energy Storage (EES) applications. This integrated architecture approach allows inverter designers to save time and confusion in selecting individual components and can greatly benefit from a solution that is optimally pre-designed for their specific application. Power modules, bus bar, cooling, gate drivers, and capacitors can now be optimally designed together in one step to answer electrical, mechanical and thermal challenges of the system. For both designs, a custom DC-link capacitor bank (700V/3,500µF for IGBT and 1,000V/760µF for SiC) has been specifically developed by FTCAP to minimize the footprint and optimize the thermal transfer to the heat sink underneath. High temperature, low inductance, AC and DC Mersen laminated bus bars are designed to minimize skin-effect induced by ripple-current. Mersen high performance aluminum vacuum-brazed cold plate can dissipate up to 10kW losses for IGBT and up to 3kW losses for SiC, keeping power module Tj below 130°C. Peak efficiency exceeds 98% in both cases 

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Volume: 2017 May/June