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15 May 2017

DuPont introduced Nomex in woven and nonwoven forms in 1967. Nomex grew out of fundamental research and development (R&D) work conducted by Paul Morgan and Stephanie Kwolek. The impetus for discovery of this inherently flame-resistant fiber was the deaths of numerous race car drivers in fiery crashes. Building on the work of his colleagues, Wilfred Sweeny, found a way to make a high molecular weight product that could be spun into a tough crystallizable fiber (later named Nomex) that possessed outstanding thermal- and flame-resistant properties. Fittingly, Nomex was first tested in racing suits in 1966 before being commercialized the following year. In 2002, Sweeny was recognized for his contributions with a Lavoisier Medal, the highest honor of science excellence awarded by DuPont. DuPont Nomex helps protect firefighters, industrial workers, and race car drivers, as well as mass transit and wind energy systems.

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Volume: 2017 May/June