Atkins and Aditazz Unveil New Digital Approach to the Design and Development of Offshore Wind Farms at 2017 International Partnering Forum

20 Apr 2017

Atkins, one of the world's leading design, engineering and project management consultancies, and Aditazz, a Silicon Valley based software company transforming the built environment by helping customers complete large-scale, complex projects in less time, at lower cost, and with more efficient operations, have partnered to develop a new, novel approach that optimises offshore wind farm projects, dramatically improving the entire design and development process. 

The two companies will unveil the innovative approach at the International Partnering Forum in Annapolis, Maryland. Taking place from 19-21 April, the seminar session on 'Optimization and derisking OSW projects: seeing the sector through a new lens' will be moderated by Una Brosnan, business and strategic development manager at Atkins, with presentations from Irina Cortizo, mechanical engineer in Atkins' offshore renewables business, and Joseph "Chip" Krauskopf, Vice President Business Development from Aditazz. 

The approach means better, faster decision making; reducing cost and risk. The technology allows users to simulate and optimise all the variables of an offshore wind farm simultaneously. This new holistic view means that the entire wind farm system can be optimised to produce better results for offshore projects. Atkins and Aditazz believe this presents a major benefit to industry, and are seeking to engage industry stakeholders to bring the approach to market.

Martin Grant, chief executive officer of Atkins' Energy business said; "The offshore wind industry is no stranger to exciting new developments: just a few years ago the idea of an offshore wind farm for £100mw/h seemed a fiction, and we've proved it can be done. Now we want to take this one step further and bring the cost down to parity with other forms of conventional generation. Radical, inventive approaches are needed to make concrete progress towards this goal and we're now asking the industry to feedback on our idea to help bring it fully to market."   

Deepak Aatresh, co-founder and CEO of Aditazz said; "Aditazz is excited to be partnering with Atkins to bring cutting edge software technologies to optimize the planning and design of offshore wind farms. We've proven that our software can reduce the cost and improve the efficiency of major projects around the world, and we're pleased to use our expertise and technology to help realize the incredible potential of offshore wind farms."

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