Syncroness and Colorado-Based Development Partner Anemoment Are Pleased to Announce the Commercial Launch of the World's Lightest 3D Wind Speed Anemometer, TriSonica Mini.

14 Apr 2017

Syncroness and Anemoment have jointly developed a miniature, lightweight, high-accuracy wind speed and directional anemometer.   TriSonica Mini is a 3-dimensional ultrasonic anemometer ideal for mobile applications and small spaces, especially in the meteorology and unmanned vehicles (UAV) markets.

The TriSonica Mini is the world's smallest 3D anemometer at 75 mm per side and less than 50 grams in weight. It can measure wind speed and direction in all three axes (x, y and z) up to 30 m/s (67 mph) with a 10 hertz sampling rate.  The TriSonica Mini's solid-state wind system has no moving parts, maximizing product durability, accuracy, and reliability. 

"The compact TriSonica Mini brings 3D wind sensing to new markets unreachable by traditional anemometry's bulky, heavy devices. It is light enough to attach to a drone, fast and accurate enough to facilitate real-time decision-making, and inexpensive enough to be used as a disposable.  The TriSonica Mini brings revolutionary change to wind information technology," said Stephen Osborn, Founder, Anemoment, LLC.

Four redundant measurement paths and unique geometric features (patent pending) limit distortion and provide precise 3-dimensional wind measurement in a tiny footprint.   The TriSonica Mini interfaces with all standard data collection systems to ensure easy integration to your existing platform.   Syncroness specializes in providing systems integration and data collection software for customers that desire a custom application or product.

"Trisonica Mini is the first product to launch out of SyncWerx, Syncroness' new technology incubator.  I am incredibly proud of the product we created and very excited to see the market's reaction at AUVSI," said Mark Henault, CTO, Syncroness, Inc.

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