Advanced Battery Concepts Receives Industry Endorsement and Increased Personal Investment from Hal Hawk - President and Owner - Crown Battery

10 Apr 2017

Hal Hawk, a long-term investor in Advanced Battery Concepts, reaffirmed his commitment to the success of bipolar lead batteries by recently increasing his personal investment in Advanced Battery Concepts.

Hal commented, "Advanced Battery Concepts has demonstrated that it has achieved industry validation for its bipolar lead battery designs and manufacturing processes by succeeding in licensing its technology to 2 Global battery licensees – one of which is JCI – the World's largest lead battery producer. This is very exciting for our lead battery industry. The performance improvements and reduced environmental impact Advanced Battery Concepts technology delivers will ensure lead batteries have a sustainable and competitive future. The impact on our industry cannot be underestimated." 

In addition, Hal stressed, "I am personally committed to advancing lead battery technology and I am very pleased to have been a part of Advanced Battery Concepts success story. I believe, from what I am seeing, bipolar lead batteries will play a very significant role in our industries future and may prove to be as disruptive as AGM when it was first introduced."

Dr. Ed Shaffer, CEO and Founder of Advanced Battery Concepts responded, "Hal has been a long-term believer in our company. Hal has offered us significant support during our product and process development phase. Advanced Battery Concepts would like to thank Hal personally for his support, his faith and belief in bipolar lead technology and of course his continued investment in our company. In addition to Advanced Battery Concepts two existing licensees I can share that we are currently engaged in Due Diligence with a further 3 potential licensees and we hope to be able to announce details of these licenses in Q2 2017." 

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