Cutting Costs without Cutting Corners: Protecting the Integrity of your Solar Racking System

22 Mar 2017

At RBI Solar, we’re focused on providing value through every stage of the solar mounting supply chain. From conception to completion, our team works to develop a racking structure that is efficient, safe, and budget friendly.

So how are we able to keep the cost of your final project down without compromising the strength and safety of your solar racking solution?
Research and Development
Our research and development team (R&D) is always testing new ways to make our solar structures more efficient. They played a critical role in the design of our next generation ground mount, which uses less steel while maintaining strength where strength is needed. This new ground mount solution saves our customers money while still offering the same robust structure RBI Solar is known for.
We firmly believe that a solid solar mounting structure starts from the ground up. At RBI Solar, we place a critical importance on pull testing. Pull tests allow us to get an inside look at what’s happening in the ground, and ultimately affect the optimal type of foundation required. No one likes surprises on the job site—that’s why it’s important to provide the opportunity to plan ahead. A well-thought-out, engineered foundation solution can save thousands of dollars in the long run by preventing against mistakes and system failure.
Bulk Supply
As part of Rough Brothers Inc., a commercial greenhouse manufacturer, we’ve formed advantageous relationships with our suppliers. RBI Solar and Rough Brothers Inc. purchase steel in bulk at a discounted rate, allowing us to get the best possible price on material. Because we manufacture in-house, we have greater control over the savings and total cost of your solar racking system.
Multiple Manufacturing Facilities
RBI Solar currently has four domestic manufacturing facilities and one international facility employing nearly 400 individuals:
Cincinnati, OH (Vine St.) – 125,000 sq ft
Cincinnati, OH (Steger) – 65,000 sq ft
Washington, NC – 40,000 sq ft
Temecula, CA – 60,000 sq ft
Shanghai, China – 23,000 sq ft

By having a global manufacturing presence, our customers benefit from lower transportation costs. RBI Solar also has contracts and strong relationships with various transportation companies to deliver our solar racking to your project site affordably and on time.
Your solar mounting system can be pre-assembled in-house at one of our facilities. Pre-assembly reduces the amount of time required to install your system on-site significantly. Particularly in the winter months when weather conditions are less than ideal, having pre-assembled components can keep your project on track and labor costs down.

Alicia Auhagen

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