Energy Acuity - 2016 Wind Market Report Release

21 Mar 2017

In 2016, Energy Acuity tracked a total of 7,746 MWs of wind projects that began operating in twenty six states.  While the total MWs dropped from 9,097 MW in 2015 the number of states increased from nineteen representing a 37% increase.  

Additionally, we saw a strong push with corporate off-takers.  HP and Owens Corning are commercial off-takers that are newcomers to the Top 10 in 2016. In 2015, Microsoft, Wal-Mart and Mars were in the Top 10 list.  

Further, utilities are starting to change the landscape.  Southern Company continues its strong push into renewables with two of its subsidiaries, Gulf Power and Alabama Power, jumping into the Top 10 this year for utility off-takers.  Interesting to note, the projects where Gulf Power and Alabama power are off-takers are located in Oklahoma.

You can download the full report below.

EA 2016 Wind Market Report

Integrated Resource PlansEA Analyzed 9 recent Integrated Resource Plans (IRPs) from 2016 to understand the direction utilities are taking.  All of these IRPs were released prior to the 2016 Election and we will continue to monitor to see if there are any changes

Out of this group, Energy Acuity saw Solar, Wind, Energy Storage and Natural Gas trending up.  Coal was trending down with most utilities while neutral at 1.

We will continue to update our analysis to identify opportunities before the RFPs are released.

The entire report is below.

EA 2016 IRP Report

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