Solar Farm Developer Selling Over 7GW's of High IRR Projects

13 Mar 2017

Innovative Solar Systems, based in Asheville, NC has announced that the company is in the process of selling off its entire 2017/2018 pipeline of projects which equates to slightly over 10 Gigawatts of Solar Farm PV Energy Plants. ISS has just recently gone under contract and sold off approximately 3GW's of this pipeline and is now offering large blocks (300MW-1GW) of these high rate of return projects to others. Any buyer or investors must first contact Innovative Solar Systems CFO, Mr. Craig Sherman (+1 828 767 1015) to go through a vetting process to get placed on the company's approved buyer list. At that point, once a potential investor has been qualified and approved we will then let that buyer/investor sign our company NDA and start reviewing our list of currently available projects for sale. 

Innovative Solar Systems has a one size fits all model for selling its massive pipeline of projects and the company does NOT deviate from that sales process. ISS's process for selling projects in the market has worked flawlessly for over five (5) years now and the company is ranked as the #1 Developer of Solar Farms here in the US at this point so why deviate from perfection? ISS uses its standard ISS Company LOI which has been used hundreds of times now and require buyers to place a 15% nonrefundable deposit when they commit to projects and are ready to secure those projects from our available project list, the buyer then signs our LOI and moves forward through the final development stage of the projects.

ISS does NOT take useless LOI's, MOU's or IOU's that others generate, craft or dream up so potential buyers are warned up front to not contact ISS if our terms, our LOI or the required deposits are an issue. The ISS Sales Model, system and procedures assures that both the buyer and seller perform on these projects and as a successful company with a huge track record in the market we do not deviate from our normal sales process, our contracts, our conditions and our terms. Innovative Solar Systems is the most sophisticated developer of Utility Scale Solar Farms in the US and our way of selling and building projects works and it has for over five years now. The ISS client list is huge and is getting larger by the day.

Innovative Solar Systems currently has approximately 7.5GW's of High IRR projects available for immediate purchase. These available projects range in size from 20MW to well over 80MW. ISS also has blanket contracts in place with the most credit worthy EPC's in the world that are building our projects out fully with Tier One equipment and trackers for well under a dollar per watt at this time. If securing world class projects are your goal and getting the highest return, best sites and larger groups of projects in a portfolio is also of concern then contact us today. ISS will NOT sell portfolios of projects below a minimum threshold of 300MW's, we are not the onsey, twosey type developer, we are a volume developer that only sell our projects to large clients willing to secure large blocks of projects at a given time.

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