Mersen to Exhibit During APEC 2017

13 Mar 2017

Mersen will unveil two High Power Density DC-AC Inverter stack reference models at the Applied Power Electronics Conference and Exhibition, booth 1303, March 27-29, in Tampa, FL. In addition to the stack reference models, Mersen will also highlight a full complement of products designed for electric vehicle and battery-related DC applications as well as offer two presentations during the Industrial and Exhibitor Presentation Sessions. 

The stack reference models were assembled under the “Integrated Architecture” approach in close collaboration with partners Infineon, AgileSwitch, and FTCAP, and optimized by Mersen Cooling and Bus Bar engineering teams. This integrated architecture approach allows inverter designers to save time and confusion in selecting individual components; designers can greatly benefit from a solution that is optimally pre-designed for their specific application. Power modules, bus bar, cooling, gate drivers, and capacitors can now be optimally designed together in one step to answer electrical, mechanical, and thermal challenges of the system. 

While continuing to expand services to traditional market segments such as Transportation, Alternative Energy, Military, Power Conversion, and Solutions for Silicon Carbide (SiC) Applications, Mersen will highlight dedicated solutions that focus on emerging markets such as Electric Vehicle and Battery Related DC applications. Over 50 different product samples will be on hand at booth # 1303 that illustrate the quality and range of technologies Mersen brings to their customers. From liquid cold plates to laminated bus bars to semiconductor protection and special purpose fuses, numerous samples will be available to view and handle. 

Mersen has the honor of presenting at industrial session presentation ID 1003 during APEC show titled: “DC Protection for e-Mobility and Battery Related Systems.” This presentation, given by Philippe Roussel, Ph.D. with Mersen, will discuss how DC- specific fuses as well as newly developed hybrid DC over-current protection systems can jointly offer a superior blanket of electrical protection for today’s demanding EV and HEV DC applications, making them safer and more reliable. In addition, Mersen is presenting the topic of “Safety and Reliability for Power Electronics” during Exhibitor Presentation Sessions 

Mersen is proud to celebrate over 60 years of experience integrating our expertise in patented cooling technologies, laminated bus bar solutions, and semiconductor fuses in your electronics applications, to make them safe, reliable, and profitable. With industrial operations in all three major economic regions of the globe, we look forward to discussing your application and working together to design and develop your best solution.

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