Solar-powered, rechargeable lamp system

15 Mar 2017

Elevate Technologies Corp introduces the InteliEnergy Lamp lighting and energy solution for no-power applications. A solution for utility, recreational, and/or emergency lighting situations, the solar-powered InteliEnergy Lamp works as a flashlight, a table lamp, and a re-locatable wall-mounted fixture delivering illumination and serving as a smart power source for charging USB devices. With power processing, rechargeable LFP batteries, 5W solar panel, long lasting LEDs, and durable materials throughout, the InteliEnergy Lamp will reliably light any space and keep cell phones, tablets, cameras, and other USB devices powered for daily use. The lamp's microprocessors auto-sense battery type as well as solar panel size and power, and applies the correct charge sequence for fast, efficient, and safe, optimized charging. The InteliEnergy Lamp never over-charges or over-depletes batteries. Built in timer and charge status LEDs provide and extra level of convenience.

Elevate Technologies Corp. |

Volume: 2017 March/April