Closed-circuit fluid cooler

15 Mar 2017

SPX Cooling Technologies, Inc. announces the new Marley LW Fluid Cooler, an induced-draft counterflow closed-circuit fluid cooler. The new fluid cooler design incorporates patent-pending heat transfer technology and a lower height to address local code restrictions. The closed-circuit design keeps the process fluid in a clean closed loop. Copper heat transfer coils offer corrosion resistance and greater thermal efficiency. The copper coils are also bacteriostatic, recyclable and require less process fluid volume. With standard unit heights less than 10.5 feet, the Marley LW Fluid Cooler meets many code height requirements and offers low visibility for rooftop installation. Other installation advantages include single-piece installation, single-point power connection, factory-installed controls, and factory wiring and testing. Operational benefits include electronically commutated (EC) direct drive fans requiring no routine maintenance, a low-clog spray system and multiple doors that allow access to interior components without tools. Thermal performance of the Marley LW Fluid Cooler is certified by the Cooling Technologies Institute (CTI).

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Volume: 2017 March/April