Hi-Line Introduces Arc-Tested Hard Hat Snap Brim

07 Mar 2017

Hi-Line Utility Supply is excited to introduce the new Arc-Tested Hard Hat Brim from Snap Brim. Designed to protect from harmful UV Rays, the Snap Brim is arc-tested and shown to be a non-contributor in the event of an electrical incident, meeting ASTM F2178 standard with 33 Cal/cm2 no melt and no drip and up to 44 cal/cm2 no ignition. 

This one piece unit is light weight and fits easily over your hard hat and snaps securely to the front and back within seconds! It also features a long lasting, durable design that offers two options to fit full brim and cap style hard hats. Protecting yourself from the sun, snow, and rain has never looked so good – many users say it looks like a cowboy hat. 

Expertly designed by a former Workplace Health and Safety Equipment Specialist, no detail was over looked. The Snap Brim also has a detachable, flame resistance Nomex® neck flap for added protection against UV exposure. 

For a limited time Hi-Line is offering special pricing on the Snap Brim Arc-rated Sun Brim. 

Hi-Line Utility Supply | http://www.hilineco.com/monthlypromo_snapbrim.html