Portable magnetometer

14 Jan 2017

The FerroCheck portable magnetometer from Spectro Scientific provides fast and simple measurements of ferrous wear particles in lubricants, both in the field and in the lab. It works by sensing disruption of a magnetic field that is generated due to the presence of ferrous debris, specifically iron, in the oil. Non-lab personnel can operate the FerroCheck with no solvents or sample preparation required. The lightweight unit weighs less than five pounds, is compact and battery-operated for fast, 30-second testing of small samples. The FerroCheck magnetometer can detect particles from nanometers to millimeters in size and has a sensitivity range of 0-2500 ppm with a limit of detection of less than 5 ppm. It enables users to make immediate maintenance decisions to reduce unexpected downtime and costs, and eliminate potential catastrophic machine failures.

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Volume: 2017 January/February