Fall protection harness

14 Jan 2017

The SKYLOTEC Ignite Series of harnesses feature high-quality padding, which is adapted to fit the human anatomy and ensures optimum weight distribution on the hips. An adjuster stops the straps from unwanted loosening. SKYLOTEC uses a color-coded system for all its harnesses. Grey contrasting elements are used in the lower part of the strap and orange contrasting elements in the upper part, so users can quickly see where the top and where the bottom of the strap is, even when they have not yet donned the harness. The main anchor points of all models are bright orange in order to label them clearly, helping to prevent accidental anchoring on the wrong loops. The four different versions of the Ignite Series models provide superior personal protection against falls. 

Skylotec | http://www.skylotec.com


Volume: 2017 January/February