Onshore low noise turbine

14 Jan 2017

Siemens manufactures three onshore turbine models for optimum performance at low wind, medium wind, and noise sensitive sites. Due to a modular platform concept, all three machines share the same nacelle design. The SWT-3.3-130LN wind turbine allows operation with a 104.9 dB noise level at a wind speed of 6 m/sec. Even at an average wind speed of 6.5 m/sec, it harvests an Annual Energy Production (AEP) of around 11GWh. The SWT-3.6-130 is able to harvest an annual energy output (AEP) of up to 17GWh at 8.5 m/sec. The SWT-3.15-142 is a direct-drive wind turbine dedicated for IEC Class III. Even at wind speeds of only 6 m/sec, the machine harvests 10GWh of energy per year. 

Siemens | http://www.siemens.com/wind


Volume: 2017 January/February