Methanol fuel cell

14 Jan 2017

Sirius Integrator offers a new fully integrated Horizon Mini 100 (100w) Reformed Methanol fuel cell battery-charging generator. The Mini 100 keeps mission and data critical application devices running unattended for long periods of time in remote locations, and in the harshest outdoor weather. This off-grid, grid, and solar backup power system provides up to 2400w (2.4kwhs) per day to 12v or 24v battery systems. Packages include the Horizon Mini 100, 100w fuel cell system, an empty 10 liter or 25 liter fuel cartridge, a fuel sensor, cabling, a laptop adaptor, a normal or very cold outdoor enclosure, and a 2-year or 2000-hour warranty.  Optional add-ons include a multi-fuel cartridge setup for extended run-times or a standard drum connection, GPRS comms module and remote management website, and a DC to DC converter to charge 24v battery systems. The very cold enclosure includes a motorized vent and heater, controller and temperature sensor, 1.5" of installed insulation, and thermal warming of incoming air.  

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Volume: 2017 January/February