Alitec Launches Unique Rope Ascender Rental Service

11 Jan 2017

Altitec, the distributor and service partner for ActSafe Ascenders for the UK, Ireland and Baltic countries, has launched a unique rental service for the powered rope ascender system that will radically transform the speed and efficiency of rope access across multiple sectors.

The scheme will provide a cost-effective solution for reducing inspection and maintenance times in the energy, telecoms and construction industries, enabling independent contractors and in-house rope access technical teams to maximise performance in limited operational windows. It will also provide a number of potentially life-saving options for fire brigades and emergency rescue services.

Repair and inspection on operational infrastructure is invariably a time-sensitive process. In the energy and construction sectors, operators and asset owners are under increasing pressure to reduce costs by increasing the performance and profitability of their assets; while in the telecoms space, planned outages and service interruption must be kept to a minimum.

Moreover, conducting scheduled and unscheduled maintenance at height creates additional time pressure for technical teams, since work must be carried out in favourable weather conditions, further narrowing the window of opportunity.

When it comes to complex on-site inspection and maintenance on tall assets - from wind turbines to telecoms masts and offshore infrastructure - rope access technicians continue to offer the most comprehensive and effective solution. Yet there are still clear gains to be made when it comes to efficiency and speed of access.

Powered rope ascender systems such as the ActSafe Ascender are able to considerably reduce climbing times for rope access technicians, boosting access efficiency, combatting fatigue and allowing a greater focus on conducting essential repairs. On average, technicians equipped with an ActSafe Ascender system can achieve 35% more work in one day than without, contributing to substantial long-term time and cost savings for asset owners.

Altitec has already confirmed a number of early rental agreements with leading rope access and inspection firms operating in the onshore and offshore sectors, all of whom will benefit as standard from a full maintenance and service offering. This includes one full day of hands-on training to ensure the safe and practical operation of the equipment, regular equipment assessment and service intervals every six months, and an exclusive up-time guarantee, ensuring that technicians and inspection teams are fully-equipped at all times with ready to use cutting edge rope access equipment.

“No matter how sophisticated remote inspection systems become, there’s ultimately no substitute for a team of highly trained rope access technicians when it comes to conducting inspection and repairs at height,” said Tom Dyffort, Managing Director of Altitec.

“While some might view rope access as a more ‘traditional’ option, the fact is that the discipline is becoming increasingly advanced – due, in part, to specialist training, and in part to time-saving technological innovations like the ActSafe Ascender.”

“As a provider of blade repair and inspection services to the global wind energy industry, we’re acutely aware of the cumulative performance impact of incremental efficiency gains and have experienced first-hand the advantages of ActSafe, which we deploy as standard in our day-to-day operations.”

ActSafe Power Ascenders are available in four different models, including battery, remote controlled, mobile power supply and petrol-powered units, with a range of applications for the energy, telecoms and search and rescue industries. 

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