Hydrogen energy storage

14 Nov 2016

The AESHG technology is a reliable, cost effective, advanced energy storage hydrogen power solution. The technology overcomes the biggest obstacles for mainstream marketing and mass deployment of fuel cell power; manufacturing cost, end user price, and deployment. The technology is now available for manufacturing,Territory Rights, and development solutions.

The Advanced Hydrogen Technology generator is composed of an intricate synthesis of 16 physical and chemical processes that are combined and tuned to work in unison to produce clean, affordable energy. The output of the Advanced Hydrogen Technology generator has been tested by EPA certified prominent engineering and gas measurement companies. The test certificates are available for validation and were conducted in accordance with EPA standards. The Advanced Hydrogen technology produces power by utilizing controlled electrical discharging with renewable and or recyclable resources. The Advanced Hydrogen Technology generator converts diverse fuels directly into electricity without combustion, and is the key to a broad portfolio for building a competitive, secure, safe, and practical sustainable clean energy economy. 

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Volume: 2016 November/December