Low voltage/high current battery charge/discharge test system 

14 Nov 2016

NH Research, Inc. (NHR) has released its new 9220 Series Low Voltage/High Current Battery Charge/Discharge Test System (Dual Bay). This 9220 Series Dual Bay Test System is designed for testing all battery chemistries including lead-acid, lead-cadmium, and other low voltage, high current, large format batteries (LFB) typically used in energy storage systems (ESS). The system is bi-directional requiring no additional equipment to charge or discharge the unit-under-test (UUT). Additionally, the built-in measurement system eliminates external measurement devices by providing time-stamped digital readings for voltage, current, power as well as Ah and kWh. Unlike typical high-current systems which convert battery discharge power into waste heat, the 9220 Series Dual Bay Test System converts up to 87% of the battery discharge power into usable electrical power that precisely matches the facility's AC line. This process, called regeneration, results in lower operating costs, reduces air-conditioning usage, eliminates expensive water cooling systems, and often provides enough savings to payback the entire system within a few years.

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Volume: 2016 November/December