Plug-and-play energy storage system

14 Nov 2016

Developed in partnership with solar and energy storage installers to optimize equipment and streamline cost calculations, SimpliPhi Power has released a complete plug-and-play energy storage system, AccESS, that easily integrates power storage into new and existing solar installations both on and off grid. SimpliPhi’s fully integrated solution includes the company’s battery technology combined with a Schneider Electric inverter charge controller and associated power electronics and system management in one box. Pre-programmed software settings and system performance monitoring round out the solution. By eliminating any ventilation or active cooling requirements, SimpliPhi’s new all-in-one AccESS can be safely installed both outside and inside. SimpliPhi assembles all the equipment into the AccESS box and ships it out as a plug-and-play solution. The AccESS offers three software modalities meeting the requirements of different applications, such as new and retrofit systems, including solutions that utilities can access for asset monitoring and deployment off-site for grid stabilization.

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Volume: 2016 November/December