Reliable 8-volt deep cycle battery

14 Nov 2016

U.S. Battery has redesigned its US 8VGCE XC2 8-volt deep-cycle battery with more amp-hour performance and improved longevity, to provide greater power and reliability for a variety of applications. U.S. Battery’s US 8VGCE XC2 was built for economy, and now offers 110 minutes of runtime at a 56 amp draw, (155 amp-hours at a 20-hour rate) and weighs a 60-lbs. (27kg). The US 8VGCE XC2 comes in a durable black polypropylene heat-sealed case with a black top, and features standard bayonet vent caps. It is also available with the company’s SpeedCap as an added option, and can be ordered with a variety of high-quality terminals to match a wide range of wiring options. Built with U.S. Battery's XC2 Formula and Diamond Plate Technology, this redesigned 8-volt battery can also reach high initial rated capacity, and fast cycle up time to full-rated capacity. 

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Volume: 2016 November/December