Maritime ESS providing safety, performance, and economics

12 Sep 2016

Corvus Energy announces the introduction of its next generation product line, Orca ESS. The Orca ESS product line was specifically designed and built to meet the needs of maritime applications at the industry’s highest levels of performance and safety, while making economic sense to ship owners and builders. The Orca ESS product line delivers a range of products which are designed to meet the various needs of maritime customers. Orca Energy is ideal for applications that require large amounts of energy such as ferries and merchant vessels, while Orca Power was designed for applications that require a seamless response to dynamic power loads such as offshore supply vessels and port equipment. Orca ESS solutions are designed to scale for applications of all sizes, up to and beyond 10MWh, at a lower total cost of ownership. In addition to the superior performance and economic advantages, the purpose-built Orca product line also includes innovations related to safety and operations. Among those innovations, both Orca Energy and Orca Power feature patented technology delivering cell-level thermal runaway isolation. This level of safety is standard across the Orca ESS product line and does not require active cooling techniques, such as liquid cooling for it to be effective. Additional innovations such as power connections contained within the rack, eliminate the need for cables and manual connections resulting in enhanced reliability, increased safety and reduced installation costs.

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Volume: 2016 September/October