Sustainable solution for off-grid applications

12 Sep 2016

Aquion Energy, Inc. has introduced the Aspen 24S, a 24-volt version of its Aqueous Hybrid Ion (AHI) battery. The new product is designed for energy-intensive applications that use solar panels, such as off-grid solar-powered LED lighting, as well as small pumps and motors. It is also an ideal drop-in replacement for existing systems using 24V lead-acid batteries.  Aquion’s Aspen batteries offer a clean, sustainable, and long-lasting alternative that does not degrade from partial state of charge cycling. Aspen batteries have an environmentally friendly electrochemical design. They contain no heavy metals or toxic chemicals and are non-flammable and non-explosive, making them safe batteries, designed for use in pristine environments, island locations, homes, and businesses.

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Volume: 2016 September/October