LED lighting system for high speed imaging

06 Jul 2016

The new 80W Solarlux Blitz LED lighting system from EYE Lighting Applied Optix is a portable bright white light for high speed/resolution digital imaging systems. These lights are for use in static test labs, or as fill-in lighting in larger test cells during safety testing in the transportation industry. The 80W LED fixture completes the family of Blitz portable LED products, which also includes 200W and 400W versions. The Blitz product line is suited for use with new high speed/resolution digital imaging systems because these systems require the bright white light produced by EYE Applied Optix LEDs to maximize performance. Safety testing entities are also searching for environmentally friendly, low cost of ownership lighting to improve their operational efficiency. The Blitz product line features the latest chip on board (COB), super high intensity, white-light LED engines with 5000K color corrected temperature (CCT). Instant on operation and DC electronic drivers provide continuous operation while eliminating light flicker/strobe during high speed imaging events. This feature eliminates the need for potentially problematic light system synchronization to the imaging system. Blitz products are fully sealed to the environment, use a proprietary thermal convective system for cooling, and produce minimal heat transmission onto test targets.The Blitz LED product family is complimented by the Solarlux On-Board LED designed for in-vehicle and sled applications, and the Solarlux DueLL II high intensity LED designed for overhead array applications.

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Volume: 2016 July/August